Please let us know if there is any kind of allergies.
In order to secure your place at the cooking lesson, you may deposit the cost of the cooking lesson up to 2 days in advance (details are given by phone). Cancellations are acceptable, up to 24 hours before the tour.
Marmita maintains the right to cancel or transfer a tour, if necessary.


Although Marmita will always make every effort to ensure safe completion of each cooking lesson, it will not be liable for the personal safety of participants, or for the safety of personal items, nor for unforeseen events and incidents that Marmita cannot control, prevent or avoid, including (but not limited to) accidents, thefts and illnesses during cooking lesson. Each participant shall be fully responsible for his/her personal health, medical needs and safety.

We advise you to check your insurance contract in order to determine whether you are covered and to clarify what your travel insurance covers in the case of trips abroad.


The payment of the fee means that you unreservedly agree that you are healthy enough to be able to participate in Marmita programs and that you have informed Marmita of any special medical, physical or nutritional requirements that might affect your participation in the programs as announced by Marmita. You should be aware that medical care and service facilities abroad may be different from those you are accustomed to and that they may be inadequate for your treatment. Please ensure that you have taken all the necessary medication you may require with you when travelling abroad. Marmita is not in the position to guarantee the availability of special accommodation or appropriate access for persons with special needs within our programs. Please contact us to discuss any circumstances which might affect your trip or that of other participants in the program.
Marmita reserves the right to refuse participation to any person whose health may prevent or disrupt any of the programs, at its absolute discretion.

Dietary Restrictions and allergies

Please contact us to discuss any allergies, dietary requirements or restrictions you may have. Given the nature of the programs, we are not in the position to guarantee that all nutritional requirements will be met; however, we will make every effort to meet your needs. Marmita should be informed of any nutritional allergy or any dietary restrictions you may have before the commencement of the program.

Participant Release of Liability

We would like to emphasize that we hereby presume that you unreservedly accept that Marmita is not owned or managed by any persons who have any relations whatsoever with the facilities of suppliers, accommodations or the services you have chosen. Each individual participant hereby agrees that Marmita and its representatives shall not be held responsible for any injury, damage, loss, accident, delay or irregularity whatsoever, due to default by hotels, carriers, restaurants or other contracted services that Marmita secures for participants.
It is also emphasized that we presume that you unreservedly accept that Marmita provides the opportunity to participate in cooking activities or provides the option to make use of means of transportation and that these activities carry inherent dangers. Your participation of itself in these activities, as organized by Marmita or by its employees, associates or suppliers, shall mean that you agree to the following:
1) Your participation in cooking programs carries risks and may cause accidents, either to yourself or by you to third parties.
2) Specifically, risks and accidents may result from actions and/or negligence on the part of Marmita or of any of its employees, associates or suppliers. These risks and accidents may also be caused by actions and/or negligence on the part of participants in the program.
You shall be responsible for adherence to the rules and the laws of the areas you are visiting. The rights and privacy of the rest of the participants in the program in which you are taking part shall be respected by all. Marmita reserves the right to refuse the participation of a certain person, before or even during the program, if it is deemed that such participation may pose a risk to the safety and comfort of the other participants.
You agree to grant Marmita global, royalty-free and full license to use your photographs, video clips or digital pictures in the advertisement of its programs and/or for commercial purposes.
By reserving a place in any of these programs, you shall have automatically accepted the terms mentioned herein, confirm that you have fully understood them and have agreed to all of them.