The culinary workshop Marmita is here to welcome everyone who is interested in sharing his passion for food, exchanging recipes and small secrets, everyone who wants to learn techniques and is willing to travel all over the world, through taste.

Cooking lessons specializing in the Greek cuisine, where you will have the opportunity to put your hand in the dough and participate more in the preparation of each Greek menu. You will learn the benefits of the healthy Mediterranean kitchen and the variety of ingredients and herbs of each region.

A welcome Greek coffee with handmade cookies will put you in the mood of being ready to learn to cook Greek.  Ouzo assortments,  pita pies, the world wide known moussaka, vegetarian dishes and many other recipes, selected with the best ingredients from under the Mediterranean sun.

After 2 hours of <hands on cooking>, dinner will be served in the dining room where you will have the opportunity to taste all the dishes prepared by you, with a glass of the finest Greek wines.

Do not hesitate to ask for further informations concerning schedules, menus or <<sur mesure>> cooking lessons.

Mrs Makris
Cooking Lesson Coordinator